Year: 2017
Running Time: 75 Minutes
Directed by Ali Weinstien
Executive Producer Ron Mann
Producer Caitlin Durlak

Mermaids is a lyrical documentary about the allure and transformative power of the universal myth. The film is guided by women (and men) who have experienced very deep connections with their inner sirens, and who beckon us into their underwater worlds...

For as long as we can remember, we have been enchanted by legends of women of the deep. From the three-thousand-year-old Assyrian figure of Atargatis to the Mami Wata water spirits of West Africa to the naiads and sirens of Ancient Greece, mermaids have always figured prominently in our collective global mythologies. Yet, today, with help from the internet, a new mer-craze is brewing around North America and beyond.

Mermaids will explore several story lines from the ancient to the present day, and from the deeply spiritual to the light-hearted. Through the film, we embark on a voyage across the ever more popular mermaid schools, meet ups, and conventions around the world, and deep into ancient lore where mermaids have long played the role of both fertility goddesses and deadly sirens. The film follows the stories of several present day characters who allow us into their mer-worlds and help us address some of the questions of transformation and escape that are inherent in the myth: What do these various global mythologies have in common? Why do so many people dream of inhabiting another body and immersing themselves in an utterly different world? And why is it that we continue, much like an untold history of sailors, writers, and dreamers past, to yearn to hear the voices of the mermaids singing?

Mermaids is rooted in our common human fascination with water, femininity, and a yearning to transform into our innermost pictures of ourselves.